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Welcome to the Bedford Park Society

Built between 1875 and 1886 in west London, Bedford Park is the first garden suburb and one of the most influential housing developments in Britain.

In his 1904 book, Das Englische Haus, Herman Muthesius wrote: “There was at the time virtually no development that could compare in artistic charm with Bedford Park, least of all had the small house found anything like so satisfactory and artistic and economic solution as here. And herein lies the immense importance of Bedford Park in the history of the English house. It signifies neither more nor less that the starting point of the smaller modern house, which immediately spread from there over the whole country.”

Writing in the Daily Telegraph in August 1960 Sir John Betjeman, who later became the Society’s first patron, called Bedford Park “the most significant suburb built in the last century, probably the most significant in the Western world.”

The Bedford Park Society aims to protect the amenities of the garden suburb, the buildings and their setting, and to ensure any development is in keeping with the original character. Membership is open to anyone with an interest in Bedford Park; you can join at our membership application page.